Release: Aber Press
With texts by Chiara Bugatti/Manuel Schwab, Johanna Gustafsson Fürst, Helen Haskakis, Max Popov, Anna-Karin Rasmusson/Fanny Åberg, Godai Sahara, Johan Österholm

March 20, 2021

The publication is the result of an open invitation to think alongside the yearly changes and shifts of daylight. The project is structured as an anthology in four parts, published in interplay with the yearly light cycle: starting at spring equinox and ending at midwinter solstice 2021. Each part invites a group of artists to contribute with freeform textual material filtered through the prevailing light conditions. The anthology is a collective response to light and darkness, their gradients and in-betweens; as visual phenomena and materialities; as fiction and sensation; as driving forces and anchoring points.

As the initial installment ab nox, ad lux sits in the movement ‘from night towards light’. Unfolding as the light is gradually returning and released when the length of night and day intersect, the publication invites ideas reflected in transitional states between darkness and light, fed through various aspects of artistic practice.

Aber Press
Aber Press